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6 Tips for Flower Gardening

Flower gardening is one of the most rewarding, satisfying and fun outdoor activities you can do. Not only does it create a stunning display, but it also provides numerous health benefits.

1. Connecting with Nature and tending a garden can help lower anxiety levels and increase mood. This type of exercise is especially helpful for people who have a difficult time getting enough sunlight exposure or are depressed or anxious.

2. Developing a flower garden can be a great way to get together with friends and family, fostering close connections and building community. This is especially true in communities where people don’t have many opportunities to interact with each other.

3. Choosing the Right Plants for Your Garden

When it comes to flower gardening, it’s important to choose plants that will thrive in your region. A good plan includes perennials (plants that grow year after year), short-lived annuals and bulbs for all-season color.

4. Make a Map and Plan Your Garden

It’s important to know what you want your flower garden to look like before planting. Consider the type of flowers you love, when they bloom, and where you want them to grow in your yard.

5. Read seed catalogs and research plant care

Another key aspect of flower gardening is researching what you need to do to keep your flowers healthy and producing well. This includes watering, pruning and weeding.

6. Choosing the Right Location

It’s critical to choose a spot with adequate sun, which is essential for flowering plants. You should also avoid flower gardens near a walkway or other hardscape elements where they may get damaged by traffic.

Best New Home Features

When you build a custom home, you can choose the features that fit your lifestyle and make the most sense for your space. It’s important to prioritize features that will enhance your home’s comfort and resale value, both now and in the future.

Laundry Rooms

When building a new home, a dedicated laundry room is one of the top requests buyers have, according to the National Association of Home Builders. This feature saves time, because it eliminates the need to take laundry from other rooms in the house.

Mud Spaces

Another great option for homeowners who have busy schedules is a mudroom area, which helps keep interiors organized and tidy. These spaces include benches, storage bins and cubbies for storing boots, shoes, bags and coats.

Smart Lighting

The right amount of natural light in a room can improve a home’s air quality, ease stress and increase productivity. With smart lights, you can control your lighting settings from a phone or tablet to save energy and improve home security.

Outdoor Living and Dining

With more Americans spending time outdoors, creating a spacious outdoor space for entertaining or relaxing is becoming a common feature. Extended covered patios are popular, as is a fireplace or built-in grill.